An interview with Lars Jensen (Myrkgrav)

It’s fascinating how things can relatively work out, in the end.

I first heard Myrkgrav during a random shuffle on, when I wanted to see what other bands there were in extreme European folk metal aside from Finntroll at the time. It’s a far way off to even compare these two together, musically and lyrically; but you never know where you’ll go when it comes to exploring different bands. Who’d have thought that I and a few of my friends would find ourselves so immersed in the music from this one-man band project in Norway?

From the moment I listened to ‘Trollskau, Skrømt og Kølabrenning’, I wanted to find out more about the lyrics and brains behind Myrkgrav; which translates fittingly into ‘dark grave’ in Norwegian.

Fast forward to today, and now I have an interview with said brains himself, Lars Jensen.

His story, and that of Myrkgrav’s is an interesting one – intent on preserving the local history and stories of his region Ringerike, Lars gave himself the mission of making music that would not only fulfil this purpose but satisfy his own listening pleasures. Though affected by negative experiences in the music industry and problems with record labels, he still devotes some time in his life to his project; and unearthing the many tales there are left to be told. Continue reading