De Profundis at the Black Heart, Camden, London; September 26th, 2013


Tucked into an alleyway behind The World’s End, the Black Heart could be considered an elusive venue. Regardless, it’s steadily gaining a good reputation among the metal underground for its cleanliness and intimate spacing. This was the case on Thursday night, when Londoners De Profundis, Mørktår and Premature Birth came to play, with Chesham’s Primitive Graven Image in tow.

The venue’s relative newness naturally came with a few curious folks who knew little about the music they were to see, as evidenced by a few bouts of silly nu metal dancing and moshing, which were entirely out of place at an extreme/progressive metal show. Inevitably, this did little to dampen the spirit of  bands that delivered a full, fun night of music for most who were dedicated enough to listen.

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Enslaved: Spring Rites European Tour at the Underworld, Camden, London; March 21st, 2013


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Judas Priest Epitaph Tour, The Civic Hall, Wolverhampton; July 21st, 2011

Outside the Civic Hall, lines to see heavy metal legends Judas Priest were so long that many had missed out on opening act of the night Rival Sons. Though these people were in time to catch a half-hearted set from Queensrÿche, the more memorable of the two bands before the headliners were Rival Sons, whose dose of blues rock and hard, heavy funk were more than enough to bring on a wave of fond nostalgia for the sounds of the late seventies when Judas Priest were starting out in the West Midlands. Continue reading