An Interview with Tenhi – Ann talks to Ilmari Issakainen!

Soon I’ll be gone for some time… I shall head Northbound, where it snows, and I may learn something amidst the wintery falls.

What is it that the North (of Europe) can teach me, about what I am and my state of mind? How much will I see some of the human condition in nature’s indifference to our existence?

Perhaps someone can give me an idea of this… someone wise, and meditative.


Someone like Ilmari Issakainen, from Tenhi.

The clock is ticking before my journey, but not fast enough that I can’t ask him some questions about the North, as well as the Finnish neofolk maestros’ latest effort “Saivo”. But first things first, eh?

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Sol Invictus – ‘The Cruellest Month’, Prophecy Productions; 2011

Six years have passed since the release of ‘The Devil’s Steed’, and now renowned neofolk act Sol Invictus have returned with an offering which they consider to either mark a new start or a final end to their career. ‘The Cruellest Month’ channels a more bleak and desolate outlook than its predecessors; tinged with an anguish and anger which feels as fueled by the decline of old age as it is that of English society. Continue reading

An Interview with Neige, at Infernal Damnation Festival VIII; April 23rd, 2011

Back in April, not only did I see Dornenreich live along with a few other names; I also got the chance to go backstage for an interview with Neige himself – a man of many projects, not least Alcest.

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An Interview with Dornenreich

When I first began to explore extreme metal, I had no idea of the various “shades of grey” that seem to exist between genres of music. Thus, when a good friend introduced me to Dornenreich, I wasn’t expecting to discover a world that mixed beauty and ugliness so honestly as they did.

I also wasn’t expecting the chance to discuss this with one of the band’s founding members Eviga, not to mention how I felt about the possibility of their latest release “Flammentriebe” potentially being their last metal album ever.

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Lifelover – ‘Sjukdom’, Prophecy Productions; 2011

Most familiar with depressive rockers Lifelover know that they’re not a particularly easy band to get into: a musical paradox of truly unsettling, bleak hysteria and bouncy, melodic post punk-slash-pop rock; the key difference between them and other bands lodged into the DSBM (depressive suicidal black metal) scene is their ability to perfectly straddle the balance needed to pull off both sides of the aforementioned formula to create a delightfully manic sound all their own.

Yet with new effort ‘Sjukdom‘, it feels like they’re somehow lost some of that grip and are riding along in a much different way. Continue reading

Dornenreich – ‘Flammentriebe’, Prophecy Productions; 2011


With even the cover art being so different from their previous albums for its use of deep colours and contrasts between fire and water (a fitting metaphor for the record itself), Dornenreich seem to be pulling all the stops for this “final” album. Even if it’s a supposed farewell to the metal genre that they started with; rather than their band career. Continue reading

Various Artists – ‘Whom the Moon A Nightsong Sings’, Prophecy Productions; 2010

In a move which seeks to showcase their musical specialties, record labels such as Prophecy Productions will occasionally sell themselves to likely consumers by putting out a carefully selected compilation CD with the best of their bands’ repertoire. However, it’s rarely seen that these bands will be linked together by something other than genre or even icon tributes; which is where ‘Whom The Moon A Nightsong Sings‘ draws its own niche, to set itself apart from other label packages. Bringing musicians together under the aesthetic theme that the two-disc release’s title describes; it may be that this is one relatively small step for Prophecy and another step forward for creative integrity in the ocean of the current music industry. Continue reading