Primordial ‘Redemption at The Puritan’s Hand’ UK Mini-tour; O2 Academy Islington, London, May 5th 2012

Primordial‘s two show trip in the UK came to a passionate conclusion at the O2 Academy in Islington. Though unfortunately cut short due to the venue franchise’s club night curfew, this restriction did little to deter the overwhelming rapport from an audience made up of loyal fans and relative newcomers alike; the latter mainly tagging along for Winterfylleth and Hell. Continue reading


Forbidden – ‘Omega Wave’, Nuclear Blast; 2010


After more than a decade since their previous full-length ‘Green’, California’s Forbidden have returned with their newest offering ‘Omega Wave‘ along with a re-energized thrash spirit. Perhaps testament to the adage that haste makes waste (however stretched that may be), it is encouraging to hear that the band have not only ditched the grunge rock influences found on their 1997 LP but have brought back an anger and bitterness considered more than essential to thrash metal. Continue reading

Death Angel – ‘Relentless Retribution’, Nuclear Blast; 2010

With the thrash revival that’s been going on lately, it shouldn’t be a surprise to say that the sixth studio album from American band Death Angel couldn’t have come at a relatively better time. Although it’s no longer the ’80’s and their line-up has changed and aged since then, it seems so right to applaud the group for churning out what feels like a good, solid effort of modern thrash metal. Since the genre has transformed itself since the advent of grunge in the last century, so it makes sense that it will become privy to high level production and outside influences such as groove metal or even modern rock.
Continue reading