Primordial ‘Redemption at The Puritan’s Hand’ UK Mini-tour; O2 Academy Islington, London, May 5th 2012

Primordial‘s two show trip in the UK came to a passionate conclusion at the O2 Academy in Islington. Though unfortunately cut short due to the venue franchise’s club night curfew, this restriction did little to deter the overwhelming rapport from an audience made up of loyal fans and relative newcomers alike; the latter mainly tagging along for Winterfylleth and Hell. Continue reading


Heavy Metal Philosopher – when Ann talked to Oscar Carlquist, of RAM

In the world of music, there are often two camps of thought – those who have got something to say, and those who just want the attention. It’s obvious that both can easily conflict with one another, and even in the “outside” sphere of rock and heavy metal this is an issue.

So it was interesting to play the latest record from Swedish heavy metallers RAM, and then read the comments of vocalist/lyricist Oscar Carlquist in an issue of Zero Tolerance, where he speaks highly about bands having a responsibility for what they say, and what they mean.

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Pilgrim – ‘Misery Wizard’, Poison Tongue/Metal Blade; 2012

Rhode Island band Pilgrim are currently being hailed as the bees’ knees in the doom metal circuit, and on first listen it’s easy to see why. While it is understandable that a number of youngsters will copy their heroes as closely as possible, Pilgrim‘s debut album “Misery Wizard” takes influence from their heroes without using them as a direct template. The record sounds as fresh as it is traditional. Continue reading

An Interview with Primordial – Ann talks to Alan Averill!

There’s deep, self-reflection, and there’s deep, self-reflection.

And then there’s Alan Averill “Nemtheanga”, of Primordial.

A band that need no introduction if you keep your finger on the pulse of Metal – or if you’ve been paying attention to the Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards – Primordial have always been unwavering in their dark, hard look at the world and its ways. So how could I say no, at the chance to speak to frontman and underground champion Alan Averill, especially about their newest offering ‘Redemption At the Puritan’s Hand’?

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Around the World with Cannibal Corpse – Ann talks to Alex Webster!

No matter who you are or where you’re from, in this industry you won’t get anywhere as a band without doing a few travels down the way. Though often I wonder to myself, do musicians often get the time to check out where they’re headed and will they remember it fondly (or otherwise)?

That’s where Cannibal Corpse come into the picture. Enter Alex Webster, co-founding member and bassist for the band.

Having made a DVD to commemorate their experiences of the past two years, Cannibal Corpse show they’ve never lost the desire and excitement to trek all over the world and play in so many different places – just like the rest of us. Continue reading

Hail Of Bullets – coming soon to the Underworld, Camden March 26th

That’s right – yours truly was fortunate enough to snag a short interview with Hail Of Bullets, in time before their upcoming show at the Underworld venue in London on March 26th.

Pulling up a chair, I sat down to talk briefly to guitarist Stephen Gebedi about what the UK scene, the state of death metal and his own “live and let live” approach to music.

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An Interview with Darkest Era

With the current recession going on and constant shifts taking place in the Metal World, it makes one wonder about the fate of fresh young bands popping up on the radar. What do they think about the future for themselves in music? How concerned are they for the chance to follow their dreams? Even if they get signed, what’s next for them?

Thankfully, I was put in touch with someone who could help answer those questions and give me a better idea of the situation.


Enter Ade Mulgrew, guitarist from one of Ireland’s freshly signed exports, Darkest Era.

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