Sole Remedy – ‘Apoptosis’, Aftermath Music; 2010

Three years down the line since their debut full-length ‘The Wounded Ones‘; Finnish progressive metal band Sole Remedy return with a small line-up change and the follow-up effort ‘Apoptosis‘. Tagged as a concept album, one immediately gets the presumption that what is to follow will be an interesting record with moments of fear and saddened acceptance of fate. In turn, it does look to be that these expectations are ultimately delivered; albeit with moments of decent filler. Continue reading


Goat The Head – ‘Doppelgängers’, Aftermath Music; 2010

Four years have passed since Norwegian death metallers Goat The Head had first unleashed their self-described brand of “cave metal” out onto the world, yet with this second full-length effort it seems to be that there are a few musical issues which could use a bit more work. Interestingly in the case of a death metal band, these appear to lie with frontman Per Spjøtvold’s vocals; than with the actual sound. Continue reading