Sounds of A Generation – Ann chats to Jon Rossi of Pilgrim

Much of what’s toted today as rock music leaves much to be desired in my eyes. Hair gel’d fringes and indie rock sounds aren’t what I consider even remotely close to what rock music is and what it’s about, though most of the youngsters of today seem to dig it. A lot.

Mainstream rock music, let alone heavy metal, has mutated into a different beast altogether, which – though (sadly) inevitable – seems to build up ideas in many young people’s minds of what these genres are and where they’ve come from.

(Happily) inevitable, is that there are and will always be exceptions to this pattern, such as the three youngsters in the heavy rock/doom metal band Pilgrim, signed to Poison Tongue Records (founded and managed by Primordial’s Alan Averill; a man whom mainstream media has begun to recognise as an established name in the heavy metal underground).

It was refreshing in more ways than one when I sat down to talk to singer/guitarist Jon Rossi, otherwise known as “The Wizard”. How often do you come across musicians emerging into their twenties these days, who still revere the legacy and history of their favourite music these days? Well, I haven’t.

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Heavy Metal Philosopher – when Ann talked to Oscar Carlquist, of RAM

In the world of music, there are often two camps of thought – those who have got something to say, and those who just want the attention. It’s obvious that both can easily conflict with one another, and even in the “outside” sphere of rock and heavy metal this is an issue.

So it was interesting to play the latest record from Swedish heavy metallers RAM, and then read the comments of vocalist/lyricist Oscar Carlquist in an issue of Zero Tolerance, where he speaks highly about bands having a responsibility for what they say, and what they mean.

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An Interview with Primordial – Ann talks to Alan Averill!

There’s deep, self-reflection, and there’s deep, self-reflection.

And then there’s Alan Averill “Nemtheanga”, of Primordial.

A band that need no introduction if you keep your finger on the pulse of Metal – or if you’ve been paying attention to the Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards – Primordial have always been unwavering in their dark, hard look at the world and its ways. So how could I say no, at the chance to speak to frontman and underground champion Alan Averill, especially about their newest offering ‘Redemption At the Puritan’s Hand’?

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