She’s singin’ my song, Sam…

Before we get back into the swing of things, here’s another look at male and female singing energy, with Metalucifer and Crystal Viper!

In this corner, we have the original song from Japanese old school heavy metallers, Metalucifer, fronted by Gezolucifer (Masaki Tachi):

And in this corner, a cover of their song from fellow heavy metalheads (and friends) Crystal Viper, which is fronted by Marta Gabriel

(Interesting how she also tries to mimic Masaki’s Japanese accent, too… )


Women who love metal…

can be so cruel.

Tormentress – ‘Thrashing Disorder’ EP, Sick Chainsaws; 2009

Briefly pushing aside any obvious yet relevant comments on extreme metal’s chauvinist tendencies or the current wave of retro-thrash, Singapore’s Tormentress deliver a consistently strong record which could stake out interest from the old school if not reopen gender debates. Considering the number of token feminist bands who place emphasis on ideology over musicianship, such observations do not come lightly. Continue reading

While we’re trailing the globe

…here’s something I found earlier! Continue reading

Gender and Metal: Male and Female energy

On Friday, due in part to running late with my own deadlines and to being tied up with a string of non-stop family visiting; I had posted a link to both Doro Pesch’s rendition of heavy metal classic ‘Breaking the Law’, and the original as performed by Judas Priest. Although this was basically a last minute decision, seeing as how I was unable to put up a review or interview due to lack of time following from Thursday; I should add that it wasn’t completely done in haste since I felt that both were relevant to one of the various issues in regards to gender and metal which I believe tend to get overlooked in favour of the typical “chickie poos/chicks with balls” debate that is so often exhausted to death. Continue reading

Just a teaser for Monday

Aside from being essentially the same song, can you guess what the topic is going to be based on these two versions?

Here’s Judas Priest’s original ‘Breaking the Law’

and here’s Doro Pesch’s rendition

See you on Monday (when I’m not so busy with Eid celebrations)!

And now: something completely different

A post about gender and metal.

Or rather, yet another post out there on the Internet about gender and metal. There are already so many issues to discuss in relation to the subject; that it wouldn’t be fair to generalise even most of them in one post alone. And to be honest, I doubt that many of you readers – women and men – want to go over what seems to have been rehashed before; countless of times. Continue reading