“Indian fans are more into moshing” – Ann talks to Sahil Makhija, of Demonic Resurrection!


Well, that’s not the whole truth – Sahil is also involved with Reptilian Death, and the mastermind behind the heavy metal/cooking show, Headbanger’s Kitchen. In addition to showcasing his culinary passions, it also provides a good look at part of the local Indian metal scene, when he invites musicians over for an interview and dinner (well… I guess we can count that dessert episode as dinner, right? The best part of dinner.)

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Sign of the times – a conversation with Dolk (and Ask) of Kampfar!

Gosh, how long has it been since I last spoke to Dolk, frontman and mastermind of Kampfar?

It’s a pleasure to catch up with familiar faces, and what better way for me to pick his brain on Norwegian society and traditions again, than before their London gig with Hate and Iskald?


Drummer Ask Ty got to chip in with his two cents, to boot!



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Live from The Underworld – Ann talks to Aage, from Iskald!

When you’re from one of the smaller scenes in your homeland, it must be amazing to be able to travel abroad and play gigs in other countries.

It certainly looked to be the case, for Iskald’s drummer and co-founder Aage André Krekling.



Right before the band got up to play the first act for Kampfar and Hate at the Underworld on April 3rd, I was lucky enough to snag a few minutes to sit down for a brief talk about touring, the Bodø scene and more.

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Doom or Be Doomed – Ann talks to Nick Ruskell of Witchsorrow, at Damnation 2012!

It’s a small world, and it gets even smaller at festivals. You never know who you’re gonna bump into – that guy who remembers you from two years ago, that band you love but are too shy to speak coherently to, or the frontman of a new band you’ve discovered – as it were, at Damnation Festival 2012 last weekend.

Say “Hello” to Nick Ruskell of Hampshire’s traditional doom act, Witchsorrow

You may know him as the Features Editor of Kerrang! Magazine, but Nick is at heart an old school doomhead. I’d been told to get in touch with him before by friends, ever since I first ventured into the lifestyle of being a metal blogger, so when the chance to grab him for a few minutes in the press room came up, how could I say no? He loves doom, I love doom, we both love heavy metal more than we do other subgenres of metal – this was an interview jsut waiting to happen.

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Art drawing from Art – Ann talks to Chris Hector (AHAB)!

Whenever it comes to pointing out the merits of heavy metal against the complaints of its (often repetitive) detractors, the connection between genre classics and lyrics (be it JR Tolkien, or even the Bible, if we think about it that way) is one that frequently comes up time and again.

In itself, this isn’t anything unique to metal – music as a whole constantly returns to this or other cultural forms to create its own concepts and direction, and the relationship between literature and music is only testament to the knowledge that art does not exist in a vacuum.

In the case of particular niche genres of extreme music like funeral doom metal, such a relationship makes for immensely dark sounds [best heard with the lights down if not switched off – Ann’s recommendation], as heard from the German band AHAB. To listen to an album of theirs is to feel dragged down into the bottomless pits of the ocean, owing to the grand role played by Moby Dick and other whaling adventures in their work.

I managed to catch guitarist Chris Hector, so he could tell me more about this relationship between music and words, and how it came to be for the newest record ‘The Giant‘.

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Sounds of A Generation – Ann chats to Jon Rossi of Pilgrim

Much of what’s toted today as rock music leaves much to be desired in my eyes. Hair gel’d fringes and indie rock sounds aren’t what I consider even remotely close to what rock music is and what it’s about, though most of the youngsters of today seem to dig it. A lot.

Mainstream rock music, let alone heavy metal, has mutated into a different beast altogether, which – though (sadly) inevitable – seems to build up ideas in many young people’s minds of what these genres are and where they’ve come from.

(Happily) inevitable, is that there are and will always be exceptions to this pattern, such as the three youngsters in the heavy rock/doom metal band Pilgrim, signed to Poison Tongue Records (founded and managed by Primordial’s Alan Averill; a man whom mainstream media has begun to recognise as an established name in the heavy metal underground).

It was refreshing in more ways than one when I sat down to talk to singer/guitarist Jon Rossi, otherwise known as “The Wizard”. How often do you come across musicians emerging into their twenties these days, who still revere the legacy and history of their favourite music these days? Well, I haven’t.

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Heavy Metal Philosopher – when Ann talked to Oscar Carlquist, of RAM

In the world of music, there are often two camps of thought – those who have got something to say, and those who just want the attention. It’s obvious that both can easily conflict with one another, and even in the “outside” sphere of rock and heavy metal this is an issue.

So it was interesting to play the latest record from Swedish heavy metallers RAM, and then read the comments of vocalist/lyricist Oscar Carlquist in an issue of Zero Tolerance, where he speaks highly about bands having a responsibility for what they say, and what they mean.

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