Just an observation…

When I look at the costume changes of Septicflesh’s frontman, I think he looks like a video game villain.

boss fight done

With apologies to Septicflesh… and their costume designer.


“This Thing is a beauty, this Thing is a THNEED…”

“A very fine something, that ALL people need!”




If anything, this is my favourite cartoon that I ever drew for Invisible Oranges.


(With apologies to Dr Seuss… and okay, Amon Amarth, too.)

Is anyone really surprised, though??


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Big News

Due to overwhelming demand, Rotting Christ’s Sakis Tolis and progressive metal maestro Devin Townsend are going to feature together in a musical collaboration.


One of the privileged few to witness this event, Me(n)tal-Meltdown presents to its readers a special preview of what’s to come.

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Before and After





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Signs of The Apocalypse, number 7

Or, “The Metal Underground’s Worst Nightmares, Part 4”.


To see this cartoon in full, go over here.

Living After Priest

Unknown to KK Downing, the main issue at hand had little to do with the frustrating inability to scratch his nose inside the beak.

(For those who are curious, here.)