Is anyone really surprised, though??


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Before and After





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Signs of The Apocalypse, number 7

Or, “The Metal Underground’s Worst Nightmares, Part 4″.


To see this cartoon in full, go over here.

Living After Priest

Unknown to KK Downing, the main issue at hand had little to do with the frustrating inability to scratch his nose inside the beak.

(For those who are curious, here.)

Women who love metal…

can be so cruel.

Amorphis, 2009

No cartoon about the ongoing theme this week, so have a blast from the past…


in the form of an old, and frankly embarrassing piece of concert commentary I did back in 2009 about Amorphis.

Specifically, the frontman’s mustache.

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Convenient for those busy schedules

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The likelihood is rather strong at this point

You bought the dish brush, now watch the show!


Not Another Black Metal Joke™

Here’s a mini comic I did, using a friend’s character from her comic Coffee And Moonshine!

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The truth behind the delay on that Wintersun album

With sincere apologies to the World Paddle ball Association. Me(n)tal-Meltdown is a non-profitable webzine which does not endorse or condone misrepresentations of the aforementioned product.

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