Just an observation…

When I look at the costume changes of Septicflesh’s frontman, I think he looks like a video game villain.

boss fight done

With apologies to Septicflesh… and their costume designer.


“This Thing is a beauty, this Thing is a THNEED…”

“A very fine something, that ALL people need!”




If anything, this is my favourite cartoon that I ever drew for Invisible Oranges.


(With apologies to Dr Seuss… and okay, Amon Amarth, too.)

Slayer sign over to Nuclear Blast; New album in works

…once, just this once, we will let this video courtesy of one Andy Rehfeldt speak the thoughts of those with especial strong feelings.*




*Me(n)tal-Meltdown would like to add that the blog and its author actually have nothing against Nuclear Blast** – on the contrary; much love is held for the bands on its roster, namely Accept, Carcass, Doro Pesch, Enforcer, Overkill, plus a few others who haven’t signed over yet.

This post is merely in the name of harmless fun! See you in the pit!


**For those who are more excited about the band’s move to Nuclear Blast as well as the promise of a new album, here you go; courtesy of Nuclear Blast UK:



Late, But Worth the Wait (or, Some Surprise albums of 2013)

Greetings, my metal brothers and sisters; I hope that you’re all well, and that your yule/Christmas/what have you was fun, and that you had a much better New Year’s Day than I did. Word of advice: always check the expiry date.

Nonetheless, it wouldn’t do to simply forego a “goodbye 2013” post on Me(n)tal-Meltdown (even in February), before carrying on with the rest of the new year. While it is certainly tempting to write about musical highs (Carcass, definitely) and lows (the last Crystal Viper, this time), it’s far more rewarding to focus on but a few¬† – yes, a few – unexpected gems of the year that caught me by surprise.

Let’s do this alphabetically, shall we?
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Live Radar – Black Magician


At the start of the month, after a lengthy chest infection and bout of ‘flu (which had also kept me from updating this blog), I celebrated the end of my sickness by heading down to the Black Magician/Mourning Beloveth show, at the Relentless Garage in Camden. Seeing as how I deserved something to make up for the drudgery of being ill, I was determined not to miss out.

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End of an era – Jeff Hanneman dies



On Thursday May 2nd, 2013, Slayer had released the unfortunate news via their official Twitter and Facebook pages that their guitarist and songwriter Jeff Hanneman had passed away.

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Is anyone really surprised, though??


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