Sturmtiger – ‘World At War 1914 – 1918’, Black Plague Records; 2014


Seven years following the first EP (and a few others since), Danish Londoners Sturmtiger have finally released a debut album. World At War 1914 – 1918“, a decent record, arguably puts the band in the war-themed death metal category, with the likes of Bolt Thrower and Hail of Bullets. Yet pushing aside the obvious, it shows Sturmtiger’s ties to their original musical roots in nordic black metal – old school sound production gives an echoed effect to frontman Petr’s snarls, while bonus tracks ‘Knivdrab‘ and ‘Mordet i Hammer Bakker‘ are blatant footsteps in the blizzard-like nature of that genre.
The overall┬áresult is a more sinister vibe than one would expect for music based on war, and as a whole it does work. There may be jarring moments between the album’s actual atmosphere and the recorded Great War snippets that were chosen, though the sound of gunfire clicks with Sturmtiger’s inspiration and what they create as an old school band.

Thus, what truly carries this album is the music. Lean guitar riffs come in straightforward direction through each song, leaving no room for unnecessary frills. This is as much a testament to the band’s practice through underground shows, as it is their songwriting. A promising debut.



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  1. Interesting!

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