Eternal Khan – ‘A Primitive History’ EP, Self-released; 2013



Just about a year after their demo, Rhode Island’s Eternal Khan make their EP debut with “A Primitive History”. Though released early in the band’s career, the record is not only a strong offering to the underground scene; it shows a sound which is confidently their own.

A key part of this is the musicianship throughout the EP. Lead riffs entwine tightly amid heavy syncopation, which sets ground for a muscular musical tone in cutting out any space for excess rhythm.
It is within this framework that Eternal Khan build their sound, giving substance to lyrics inspired by ancient Mongolian warlords. Staccato guitars gallop and charge together on opening track ‘Forbidden Aeons’, for one, while drums play between a ritualistic and simple fashion. This recreates the vibe of an advancing army, as much as it also draws on likely influences from the East Asian sphere of death metal.


Overall, “A Primitive History” is a mighty release, both lean and firm in its sound direction. Though the lead vocals do occasionally fade out to the instrumentation, it is a powerful debut from a young band, whom one can assume is capable of even more exciting things to come, musically.



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  1. Have to check this out!

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