Celtachor – ‘Nine Waves From the Shore’, Self-released; 2012


A couple of years have passed since their last demo release and some line-up changes, and Dublin-based Celtachor have finally released their full-length debut, ‘Nine Waves From the Shore‘. While it doesn’t necessarily reinvent anything within the formula of extreme metal and Celtic folk melodies that’s been coming out of Ireland since the early 1990’s, the album in itself is testament to a young band becoming more focused and stronger in the early stages of their career. Continue reading

And now, Something Completely Different. Or Not. [Blast from the Past]

Those of you who followed me from Invisible Oranges will remember that I would contribute cartoons for a caption contest.

I have no idea what’s become of the contest, though hopefully whatever has happened is for the best. However, I won’t forget that it allowed me to spread my silliness out into the wider world – through the means of random shit going on.

You can check out past examples of the contest


and here

to give an example of some of the madness I exposed people to.

While I’m a bit pressed for time, I remembered that I have this on hand, which didn’t seem to make it into the contest as far as I know.

The caption contest winner would come up with a band for me to draw in the next cartoon, so you can see the likes of Vektor, Absu, and (as above) Morbid Angel and Ghost B.C. together.

One person who had won, chose a band which I knew (and admittedly still do) very little about – Kowloon Walled City. While I searched what I could for decent enough photos of the band, I ended coming up short at the time, but since a cartoon had to be done, I still had to do it.

Due to schedule confusion (of which I’m not entirely guilty, with respect to the long-suffering Kelly Kettering), it didn’t get featured in Invisible Oranges’ caption contest. As far as I know, anyway.

Without further ado – Kowloon Walled City, ladies and germs.

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Et tu, Slayer?



In a turn of events that bears an eerily resemblance to the ongoing dispute between Black Sabbath and original drummer Bill Ward, it has been recently announced that esteemed, long-term musician Dave Lombardo was replaced by his bandmates in Slayer for their previous Australian shows.
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