PSA – Enough, already.

This is reiterating a point that I’ve just made via other websites (okay, FaceBook), but I want to let it out, here:


I’m getting damn tired of the constant cycle of academic research that goes either in favour or against heavy metal and its fans, as well as the need of metalheads to constantly defend it in he case of the former.

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New Carcass album in the works – about time?


Seventeen years since their last LP, the tentatively named ‘Swansong‘, Liverpudlian act Carcass have declared that they are currently at work on a new record. Continue reading

She’s singin’ my song, Sam…

Before we get back into the swing of things, here’s another look at male and female singing energy, with Metalucifer and Crystal Viper!

In this corner, we have the original song from Japanese old school heavy metallers, Metalucifer, fronted by Gezolucifer (Masaki Tachi):

And in this corner, a cover of their song from fellow heavy metalheads (and friends) Crystal Viper, which is fronted by Marta Gabriel

(Interesting how she also tries to mimic Masaki’s Japanese accent, too… )