Under the Freezing Moon (on the motorway)

(Oh, alright. Here’s yet another black metal joke (art not mine)




I don’t know about you, but England is currently in chaos due to heavy snow showers this time of year. Faced with circumstances that would make the average Scandinavian, Latvian, Russian or Canadian shrug and carry on, the country is struggling to continue life with snow affecting the roads and whole towns to the point of near lockdown (if you will). There are even some reports that there’ll be a few miniature blizzards, around the southern regions.

Albion isn’t as savvy with this weather as it used to be a century ago, and it shows.

It’s even pushed me to that special, idle space of curiosity, where one can’t seem to resist the urge to google up song names with the word ‘blizzard’, ‘ice’ or ‘frost’. Well, not exactly… in my case, I do what everyone else does and use Metal-Archives.


Let’s pick one of these words, though… how about ‘blizzard’?

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