Randy Blythe to attend Czech court date in 2013



Following on from his bail from Czech prison this past summer, Lamb Of God’s frontman Randy Blythe still faces charges for manslaughter in 2010; Blythe had pushed a fan off of a high platform stage during the band’s performance in Prague, which had led to the young man’s death from head injuries after a month.


Although (primarily) American friends and devotees of Lamb Of God had petitioned and put together more than enough money to convince the White House to release the musician from his detainment overseas, Blythe will serve a prison sentence for up til ten years if found guilty. As reported by Czech publication Prague Post, the court has stated that he is “obliged to attend the hearing in person… to determine [his] culpability… and his potential punishment.”


Randy Blythe’s release on bail was met with relatively mixed emotions through the internet. Whereas his fans in the US were excited, others including MetalSucks expressed the concern that such attitudes were but another example of “American exceptionalism“, as the argument that he should have released on the basis of his American citizenship and career as a musician was being made time and again.


However, with a mandated obligation to attend the court hearing, which could span a week in total, such responses in favour or against his imprisonment will have to wait until the Czech authorities have given their final verdict.



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