Adios, 2012


Friends, minions, lackies; your Mistress of Light Darkness and Dark Light has returned with more words of wisdom to bestow upon you, before we descend into the uncertain cavern that shall be named 2013.

If someone with broken English is happy to see you at a gig, don’t make eye contact.

If some person with broken English tries to proposition you about your reasons for being at a gig, don’t make eye contact. Or rather, do make eye contact, but try not to freak out if you can’t understand a thing he’s saying (or if he’s speculating right o your face your actual motives for being there).

Black Sabbath lawyers jokes are not funny – they are fact.

Take a ball of red thread with you for big, indoor festivals. Bread crumbs will only get smooshed into the plastic flooring.

If some idiot grabs your arse and makes you so uncomfortable that you miss a band playing that song you’ve wanted to see live for ages – don’t get angry. Just put out a search warrant for their capture, so that they can be pelted with hoards of rotten, soft vegetables and fruit (these are the hardest to wash out, after all).

2012 has been an… interesting year, to say the least. It wasn’t without its downsides, but it also wasn’t without its high points.

As a whole, 2012 marks the year when

*Keith Deen, the original vocalist of speed metal band Holy Terror lost against cancer (for those of you who like your speed raw and energetic, it might also interest you to check out Holy Terror from the US)

*Mike Scaccia died doing what he loved – playing guitar during a Rigor Mortis show

*Thin Lizzy decided to stop making music under their name, in respect to Phil Lynott

*After a few years with the band, Robert Lowe has finally left Candlemass, due to issues over their live performances.

*And of course… one of the biggest musical fiascos in a while (see above commentary regarding lawyers).

But this was also a year when

*Pentagram made another return to the UK, for live shows

*new friends were made, in scenes near and far

*Asphyx released ‘Deathhammer’

*the spirit and brotherhood of heavy metal stayed alive and well, despite the odds

*a friend, after leaving her old job at Terrorizer, set off to start a new ‘zine of her own, Iron Fist

So now the clock has passed and by the time you read this, it’s now 2013. I hope that you all will have a brilliant year, and remember to keep the scene alive. Go to live shows, buy albums, buy merchandise, just support bands and be there, in person. If you can’t be there, still support them and buy their albums.

I wish you a a Happy New Year. May it rock.

Season’s Greetings, on behalf of Me(n)tal-Meltdown




Randy Blythe to attend Czech court date in 2013



Following on from his bail from Czech prison this past summer, Lamb Of God’s frontman Randy Blythe still faces charges for manslaughter in 2010; Blythe had pushed a fan off of a high platform stage during the band’s performance in Prague, which had led to the young man’s death from head injuries after a month. Continue reading

Satan makes a comeback in 2013



French underground label Listenable Records has recently announced plans to release a new album from NWOBHM band Satan, sometime next year.

Through the label’s official FaceBook page, the following statement was released:


The band are currently in the studio putting the finishing touches to an album entirely of new material written over the last 18 months.

This is the culmination of a process that began when the original ‘Court In The Act’ album line-up got together for an exclusive ‘one-off’ re-union show at Germany’s ‘KEEP IT TRUE’ Festival last year.

This line-up had not performed together in 28 years! The band were somewhat overwhelmed with the response – 10 minutes into headliners ‘Crimson Glory’s set, the crowd could still be heard chanting Satan! Satan! Satan immediately booked more shows in Germany, Holland, Belgium, & London, and have since kept in close contact with each other, writing songs and making demos.”

Since the band (minus Brian Ross) hadn’t previously produced any new albums since 1987’s ‘Suspended Sentence‘, it can be expected that a number of fans will be curious to see how the original line up will work together on recording.