“Courts 1, Nergal nil”

It’s recently emerged that following on from reported incidents during black/death metallers Behemoth’s performance in their native Poland back in 2007, when frontman Nergal (Adam Darski) tore up a copy of the Bible onstage and slammed the Catholic church, Polish courts have now ruled against him on legal grounds.

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One Man Band Metal

After reading about a new metal-related documentary called ‘One Man Metal, now available on YouTube, the following thoughts came to mind

-how much longer until the media’s over-sensationalisation of black metal dies out? (Seriously, how much longer)

-when will “hipster” press like VICE magazine leave metal alone

-do we really need a documentary about one-man bands, namely in “depressive” black metal?

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On Steve Harris’ solo album ‘British Lion’… or British tryin’

Reuniting with former bandmates from 1992, Iron Maiden’s bassist Steve Harris released his long-awaited solo effort ‘British Lion’.

Normally when it comes to albums, the procedure at Me(n)tal-Meltdown is to give each record a thorough listen for a few times, before writing down a (mostly) fair review. In this case however, I decided to bite the bullet and give a mere first impressions version, to see what was putting off some people in cyberspace. So without further ado – here’s a First Impressions review of ‘British Lion’, brought to you by Me(n)tal-Meltdown (and Steve Harris and friends).

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No more on tour – Suffocation’s lead singer steps down from live shows

Times are tight as usual for music, and in a recent example over the issue of priorities, Frank Mullen, the frontman of New York technical death metallers, has announced that he will drop out of live shows.
At 6:52 minutes into this interview with Horns Up Rocks, Mullen states an inability to tour full-time due to personal reasons, implying personal responsibilities and financial constraints as part of his decision.

Not without reference to the tendency of music to have evolved into a “free” hobby due to the Internet and the nature of streaming sites like Pandora and even YouTube, Mullen’s semi-retirement comes at a point where it is clear that like other musicians before him, he is pushed to decide between love (namely death metal) and work (his day job).

It’s not unheard of for bands to either use prerecorded vocals for live shows (case in point, Septicflesh) or a live stand in singer, for when the official lead can’t make it onstage (as with Mullen’s current predicament). While a name hasn’t been decided as to who will fill his shoes live as of yet, the upside for Suffocation fans is that Mullen has said that he will be able to play live for least a week with his bandmates.

Are ‘zines in, again?


Those of you familiar with the name ‘Terrorizer’ in the metal media market probably know of its recent change of editors this year, when Louise Brown stepped down to pursue other ventures. Not least of which being the recent founding and publishing of the new print ‘zine, ‘Iron Fist’. Continue reading

Endgame of an Era – Dokken call it quits

Don Dokken recently gave an interview to Glide Magazine, where he mentioned upcoming release ‘Broken Bones’ to be the final DOKKEN album. Citing the desire to move onto other projects and step outside of his heavy metal niche, the 59 year old frontman and guitarist speaks frequently of changes both professional and personal.

While the possibility that DOKKEN’s chapter as a band could come to a close is not all that shocking in the current heavy metal climate, where the likes of Judas Priest, Cathedral and even Candlemass have also talked about “last ever” tours or albums, what does set the story behind ‘Broken Bones’ apart is the personable motive to its background. Owing that Don Dokken is the band’s main face as well as its namesake, the interview with Glide means that fans are able to get a closer look into his mindset of late: Continue reading