Carpathia – ‘To Forever Sleep’, Self-released; 2012


Due to the occasional tendency of modern music to portray a churning mix of various styles, the use of layers can make it difficult to sort out by ear what direction a musician is heading towards. Even in the modern-day face of “alternative” music styles which include the term “progressive” as a self-descriptor, this can be an issue for young bands like Carpathia.

The main culprit is the EP’s namesake itself ‘To Forever Sleep‘, where the excessive synth and smattering of voices outside of the angry growls whirl together into a cloying buzz. Had there been less of this and more focus on the chemistry between male voices both soft and hard (as well as less staccato, electric guitar rhythms), it would have helped Carpathia come out into their own as a musical entity. It would have also made more sense with the simple paths chosen for the record’s successive songs ‘Finding It Hard to Contain‘ and ‘Where The Silence Dwells‘.


Which isn’t to say that the output is poor – hardly so. The issue at hand is that everyone plays a decent performance, from the inserted clean vocals to the drum syncopation and the harrowed, intense guitar notes, yet it is all hastily pushed together without much thought for pacing or balance throughout the music. Thus, it is due to this, that there is  aforementioned excess, the natural talents of this small group are secondary to the aural imbalancing act on display with track one.




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