Guess that musician – We have a WINNER!

Last Friday, I asked you to NAME THAT MUSICIAN using this song with the hint that he’s not on lead vocals…

And one of you (well, literally one of you who chose to write in – you better work on that, people) answered correctly:


The winner of that little game was Kim Dylla, of This Means You and A Winter Lost Fame. Congratulations!

Yes, Ladies and Germs, I was looking around for Fenriz while in Oslo; I wanted the chance to see him and admittedly snag him for a few words on the local metal scene, as you do(!) The person I spoke to about him, was Geir Kolden; an actor, musician and radio personality, who witnessed the boom of the black metal scene during the earlier days as well as its less savoury assets at the time (namely fascist comments being brandied around by a number of bands).

Of course, it also seems that a lot of hipster types look for Fenriz and he’s not all that keen on the attention. Guess it was for the best that I didn’t harass him, then.


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