Before they were famous – name that musician!

When I was at Neseblud, I got talking to some of the guys there and mentioned how I felt it would be cool to just “stumble across” a certain musician. I won’t name names, but I was told by the person I was talking to that he used to play in a band with said musician, who was on drum duty.

Though they split up years ago, he still kept in touch with the fellow as they connected through a love of music in their working environment.


Again, I am not going to name names here. Oh, no.


That’s where you – the reader – come in. I want you to listen to this track, and try to guess from the music alone whom the musician is that I was talking about.

You must use your own ears and pre-existing instrumental knowledge to figure this one out! The only hint that I will give is that they’re not on vocals.

If I find out that you’ve cheated… I will make you listen to St. Anger. On repeat, at a speed times five.


Good luck!




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  1. Fenriz

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