We are BACK!

For Country and King… wait, wait. I thought we had a Queen!


I’m back!

Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s good to be back on British soil again, after a month in the frozen tundras of the North.

Well… pavements, really. You can see the hills from Oslo, but it hardly comes close to a tundra. While it was certainly frozen, it didn’t really keep the locals from going about their daily routines as normal.

To summarise my trip, it would be fitting to bring up the points most relevant to this blog.

What were some of the highlights of my time in the North? Why, that would be

*Coming over to the Inferno Festival kick-off party, not just because of the amazing live atmosphere throughout each band (including Bulk and Trollfest, whom I wouldn’t listen to otherwise) but also the unexpected greetings I received from the Oslo scene who were also there. A few people came up to me to tell me how happy they were to see me at the show at various points; I even received a hug from a couple of women there, upon hearing that I was a “metal girl” too. Quite a few photos were taken of me as well with some people… I’m sure that you may have seen them already, somewhere.

*Meeting not only Lazare of Borknagar and Solefald at the aforementioned event, but also Gaute Refsnes of former Windir (and current Cor Scorpii) fame

*Finding Neseblöd Records on Rathkes Gate, where I bought a t-shirt and the new Nekromantheon album, as well as had some of the most engaging, much desired discussions with the people running the till about metal’s evolution, the underground and public (mis)perceptions on it.

*Discussing musical tastes and folk metal over coffee (or in my case, hot chocolate and a cinnamon bun).

The less savoury points, that are still relevant to this blog?

*The constant assumption from the public that black metal was the only form of metal out there. I have mentioned repeatedly to my friends and new acquaintances how annoyed I was, that people kept assuming that heavy metal was black metal by default (being the local flavour, yes this was inevitable but for me, it was still irritating nonetheless).

*The ways in which a number of people had reacted, whenever it came up that I am a metalhead. In some cases they found it hilarious, using it as a catalyst to laugh about what they didn’t like about the metal scene or the music (be it the norm of headbanging or the handsign of the horns). One person even told me that I was the first female metalhead she had ever encountered, as she didn’t know any women who liked it.

*”Is Black Sabbath Norwegian?”

Now that I have come back, there are some things I need to do for this blog. What can you expect from me? Oh, I’m not going to tell – it’s more fitting to leave this message here, and then be off for now.


–Ann Sulaiman


  1. Is that the royal “we”?

    • Me and my imaginary friend!

      …okay, me and the blog. All the imaginary people think I’m too freaky for their liking.

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