An Interview with Tenhi – Ann talks to Ilmari Issakainen!

Soon I’ll be gone for some time… I shall head Northbound, where it snows, and I may learn something amidst the wintery falls.

What is it that the North (of Europe) can teach me, about what I am and my state of mind? How much will I see some of the human condition in nature’s indifference to our existence?

Perhaps someone can give me an idea of this… someone wise, and meditative.


Someone like Ilmari Issakainen, from Tenhi.

The clock is ticking before my journey, but not fast enough that I can’t ask him some questions about the North, as well as the Finnish neofolk maestros’ latest effort “Saivo”. But first things first, eh?

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An interesting situation

The Good

-Cirith Ungol re-issues! Huzzah!

-Grand Magus are coming back to the UK in March

-Atlantean Kodex and Barren Earth are making more material!.. er, not together, of course. That would be awkward, lest it be a side project that works

-More from Forbidden and Overkill

The Bad

-Me(n)tal-Meltdown is likely going to be on temporary hiatus until mid-February. Why? Because I’ve got some packing to do, before I head out for a month abroad. In the meantime, I’ve got a couple of posts queued up to air before the 14th. So stay tuned!


K. Ann Sulaiman