Christmas and You – Partners in Liberty

While I didn’t grow up with Christmas, here at Me(n)tal-Meltdown we strive to recognise the importance of spreading goodwill and festive cheer to each and everyone of you. Christmas – or Yule, as it’s known in parts of Europe – is a time to reflect upon ourselves and what we can do to make the people around us a key part of our lives.


Just was is it about this time of the year, that makes us so inspired to reach out to others? At the end of the day, what does Christmas mean to all of us?



Well, perhaps that is true… though one has to ask – must our actual perception of the Holiday season really be so cynical? Is it not said that Christmas is a time to be think on not just ourselves, but our fellow man?



We must remember, that the physical, material world is merely a shadow of the true wealth behind this holiday; it is a time to take that step we all hesitate to follow through with each year – the step towards reconnecting to our spiritual paths.



I ask of you now – does anyone in the audience not recall the Meaning of Christmas? The importance of sacrifice, love and compassion? The warmth of kindness, the mirth of hope?

Or could it be that all along, in this modern day and age, we have just become jaded to remembering what is sacred and pure?



…I give up.


Happy Holidays anyway.




K. Ann Sulaiman



(Enough, already.)


  1. Reaching out to others be damned – did you get your card? :)

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