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Best and Worst of 2011?

The year hasn’t yet come to a close, but with December creeping up I figured that now would be a good enough time to start asking around – what was best (and worst) in Metal, for 2011?


I’m saving my own personal list for later, but I’m sure the rest of you can get talking. Expect a reminder for this on Friday, when the Me(n)tal-Meltdown show returns!


What was the best album/news/gig/festival of 2011 for you? What was the worst? Surely it can’t all have been great (here’s a secret, I was actually let down by the new Amon Ama — whoops)!


Get commenting – and for extra measure, answers to either of the above which include “Black Sabbath’s reunion” don’t count! That one’s enough of a mixed bag as it is, and not that many of you were surprised with the announcement on 11/11/11.


Looking forward to reading from you!

When Cultures Collide – Is It All Folk Metal?

I hardly ever write about a topic that I’ve just read about somewhere else… okay, I guess that Baby Metal post contradicts that since I saw it in a post from a friend (to be fair he only linked to the videos and not much else). Either way, it didn’t change the fact that this recent post on Invisible Oranges set off a few questions in my head on the issue of regional influences and folk metal. Continue reading

Wolves In the Throne Room (Supersonic Festival), The Custard Factory, Birmingham; October 22nd, 2011

For what may be the last round of live shows ever in a band’s career, picking a multi-genre festival is not usually a first choice for many within the extreme metal field across a country like the British Isles. Yet for Washington’s black metal-influenced Wolves In The Throne Room, the Birmingham-based Supersonic 2011 Festival was right there in the band’s string of final UK dates. Continue reading

The Thing That Should Be

or – that Metallica collaboration we really want:


The above clip has already featured around various sites on the Internet (at least from what I’ve seen), and mercifully it’s not the only one that can be found. Continue reading