JB’s, I hardly knew ye

Last week, an iconic rock venue in my area was finally sold at an auction, several months after its last ever gig. Because of the interest of land developers and issues with internal politics, not to mention the struggling economic climate, JB’s in Dudley had no choice but to shut down in January, 2011 – one of many other venues that have suffered the same fate across the UK.

At this point, it’s tempting to bring up a fond story that I may have about JB’s and all the various shows I got to see over there, but I can’t. The truth is, I never had a chance to give JB’s a try before its closure – by the time I actually heard of its existence, most of the shows were from tribute bands or indie rock groups which did little to gauge my interest back then (or even now). Furthermore, while it’s just as tempting to make this entire piece an ode to a deceased rock venue, it’s not really the point of the discussion I wish to get going here. Continue reading


Signs of The Apocalypse, number 7

Or, “The Metal Underground’s Worst Nightmares, Part 4”.


To see this cartoon in full, go over here.

Nightlord – ‘Approaching Thunder’, Copro Records re-release; 2011


It’s only fair to say that Nightlord‘s debut record ‘Approaching Thunder‘ has stood the test of time, despite coming out just a few years prior to the Middlesex quartet’s disbandment in 1993. Continue reading

German Chalk and Greek Cheese?

Last week when I wrote about the possibilities for Metal’s future, I made references to how the music has evolved over time, citing the example of the progression from traditional heavy metal to extreme metal.


While the topic of cover songs is something of a mixed bag for many – some enjoy them, others don’t see the point behind them while some even build up entire reputations based on them (c.f. Apocalyptica and Turisas’ recent careers) – it felt fitting to bring up a certain trick up my sleeve to help illustrate the above transition. Continue reading