Judas Priest Epitaph Tour, The Civic Hall, Wolverhampton; July 21st, 2011

Outside the Civic Hall, lines to see heavy metal legends Judas Priest were so long that many had missed out on opening act of the night Rival Sons. Though these people were in time to catch a half-hearted set from Queensr├┐che, the more memorable of the two bands before the headliners were Rival Sons, whose dose of blues rock and hard, heavy funk were more than enough to bring on a wave of fond nostalgia for the sounds of the late seventies when Judas Priest were starting out in the West Midlands. Continue reading

Celtachor – ‘In the Halls of Our Ancient Fathers’, Self-released demo; 2011

Knowing of the growing fame for the likes of Mael Mordha, Cruachan and self-described “dark metallers” Primordial, Ireland seems to be gaining more notoriety for its share of “serious” folk metal bands. Though it is tempting to dismiss Celtachor as a band who are eager to catch the same boat as these names, doing so would ignore their place as an example of their country’s promising, underground metal scene. Continue reading

Sol Invictus – ‘The Cruellest Month’, Prophecy Productions; 2011

Six years have passed since the release of ‘The Devil’s Steed’, and now renowned neofolk act Sol Invictus have returned with an offering which they consider to either mark a new start or a final end to their career. ‘The Cruellest Month’ channels a more bleak and desolate outlook than its predecessors; tinged with an anguish and anger which feels as fueled by the decline of old age as it is that of English society. Continue reading

An Interview with Primordial – Ann talks to Alan Averill!

There’s deep, self-reflection, and there’s deep, self-reflection.

And then there’s Alan Averill “Nemtheanga”, of Primordial.

A band that need no introduction if you keep your finger on the pulse of Metal – or if you’ve been paying attention to the Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards – Primordial have always been unwavering in their dark, hard look at the world and its ways. So how could I say no, at the chance to speak to frontman and underground champion Alan Averill, especially about their newest offering ‘Redemption At the Puritan’s Hand’?

Continue reading

Take FOUR – it’s the Me(n)tal Meltdown!

Without further delay, it’s the FOURTH episode of the Me(n)tal Meltdown show – where you get to hear K. Ann Sulaiman along with De Profundis, Mutant, Sourvein. Primordial and more in just over an hour!

This time, we’ve got a special surprise for you with a blast from the past. Who is it? What is it? Listen in and find out! Also discover the truth about those Amon Amarth action figures…

A curious question

Yesterday during an interview – I won’t say who with – I found that the musician I was speaking to was in an interesting predicament where although he’s a key part of his band, he’s unable to go on tour abroad because of his day job.


Seeing as how jealousy comes naturally to myself and others upon hearing of the great times usually had when friends of ours go to festivals overseas, I can only imagine how someone in such a situation would feel about not having the opportunity to travel with their bandmates to promote their own music.

Thus, this has led me to wonder how much touring abroad means to the active members of a band.


If you ever found yourself unable to go on tour with your cohorts to another country, how would that make you feel? What if you were even unable to go play a live show on your home soil? What then?