Godsize – ‘Hymns For the Fallen’, Meltdown Records; 2007

Listening to Godsize‘s debut LP ‘Hymns For the Fallen‘, it shows how the band have mixed together their cultural influences to produce a sound that sets them apart in their respective field of sludge metal. Continue reading

Living After Priest

Unknown to KK Downing, the main issue at hand had little to do with the frustrating inability to scratch his nose inside the beak.

(For those who are curious, here.)

Crucified Mortals – “Crucified Mortals”, Hell’s Headbangers, 2011

After ten years, Crucified Mortals have finally unleashed their first album. Like their past repertoire, this is meaty, underground thrash that stays true to a love of old school horror, murder and raw, angry riffs to match the words. While the underground scene’s ability to keep musical traditions alive and well cannot be refuted; it stands that the test of time means that new directions are expected to be crossed by many bands. Crucified Mortals may not exactly meet the latter, though from meeting the former one can easily overlook the band’s sticking to tradition in favour of just how well they do it.  Continue reading

An interview with Kampfar – Ann talks to Dolk!

It’s riding, it’s riding… the Devil in Red…

I’ll be honest with you – these words were stuck in my mind after I first gave Kampfar’s newest record a spin. So much so, that I’ve even put it into the second episode of my online radio show which you can listen to here. Yet at the same time, I was curious – the devil, the huldre, mare (a creature that causes nightmares in Nordic folklore), the blitzwitch – what did it all add up to?

So it was a stroke of luck for me, when the chance to ask lyricist and frontman Dolk had arrived.

Though there was another thing I wanted to discuss, first of all.

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On THREE – it’s Me(n)tal-Meltdown!

On THREE – it’s Me(n)tal-Meltdown!


That’s right – it’s the THIRD episode of the Me(n)tal Meltdown show!

After positive feedback from the audience, we’ve extended the show to fit in more time! That’s more tunes, more metal and more of host K. Ann Sulaiman – all in about fifty minutes!

Entertainment this round comes in the form of Enforcer, Katana, The Vision Bleak and a few surprises here and there. But if you listen in, you can find out a way to join in on the game. Hop to it!


An Interview with Neige, at Infernal Damnation Festival VIII; April 23rd, 2011

Back in April, not only did I see Dornenreich live along with a few other names; I also got the chance to go backstage for an interview with Neige himself – a man of many projects, not least Alcest.

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De Profundis – ‘A Bleak Reflection’, Kolony Records; 2010

With just two records under their belt including the recent ‘A Bleak Reflection‘, London-based De Profundis offer an example of how to shift the template of progressive rock towards a darker and more ominous strain of extreme music. Continue reading