The Me(n)tal Meltdown show – Take ONE!

At long last, it’s the Me(n)tal-Meltdown show!

Starting this week, Me(n)tal Meltdown is no longer just a blog – it’s a radio show, too! K. Ann Sulaiman (Invisible Oranges, ex-Terrorizer Wretched Spawn) aims to bring together the best of the Metal World in about a half hour time slot every two weeks.

Tune in to discover bands from all over the world, and check out what else goes on in the underground! If you miss this week’s episode, you miss out – not only on Metalucifer, Anathema and Cruachan but also K. Ann herself! You’ll have to excuse her a bit – she’s caught some of that Royal Wedding fever and it shows.

Hear it for yourself and find out!



  1. So let me get this… You’re a muslim residing in England, who naturally speaks with an American accent, but switches to an exaggerated English accent for the duration of the recording. Interesting… :D

    Great show, thoroughly enjoyed the music, looking forward to the next one. Luck.

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