Me(n)tal Meltdown – Take TWO!

Me(n)tal Meltdown – Go here! Go here!

It’s round TWO of the Me(n)tal Meltdown show, aired from the West Midlands of Merry ol’ England!

Our host K. Ann Sulaiman has finally recovered from Royal Wedding fever and is thus talking normally, but that doesn’t mean she’s entirely happy! What could’ve upset her this time??

This week, expect entertainment in the form of Kampfar, Burden, Finnr’s Cane, Bolt Thrower and more! All in about a half hour show!

Septicflesh – The Great Mass, Season of Mist; 2011

Having already established that they’ve moved on from the darkwave-electro influences to their form of death metal, Septicflesh now release a second album with an orchestral direction. Exploiting the dramatic flair and melancholic intensity of European classical music; ‘The Great Mass‘ is an extreme metal re-imagining of this atmosphere, though not without moments of hasty songwriting through burnout. Continue reading

Around the World with Cannibal Corpse – Ann talks to Alex Webster!

No matter who you are or where you’re from, in this industry you won’t get anywhere as a band without doing a few travels down the way. Though often I wonder to myself, do musicians often get the time to check out where they’re headed and will they remember it fondly (or otherwise)?

That’s where Cannibal Corpse come into the picture. Enter Alex Webster, co-founding member and bassist for the band.

Having made a DVD to commemorate their experiences of the past two years, Cannibal Corpse show they’ve never lost the desire and excitement to trek all over the world and play in so many different places – just like the rest of us. Continue reading

The Me(n)tal Meltdown show – Take ONE!

At long last, it’s the Me(n)tal-Meltdown show!

Starting this week, Me(n)tal Meltdown is no longer just a blog – it’s a radio show, too! K. Ann Sulaiman (Invisible Oranges, ex-Terrorizer Wretched Spawn) aims to bring together the best of the Metal World in about a half hour time slot every two weeks.

Tune in to discover bands from all over the world, and check out what else goes on in the underground! If you miss this week’s episode, you miss out – not only on Metalucifer, Anathema and Cruachan but also K. Ann herself! You’ll have to excuse her a bit – she’s caught some of that Royal Wedding fever and it shows.

Hear it for yourself and find out!

It’s coming…

I don’t normally ask people to keep their eyes on a post, but “KEEP YOUR EYES (and ears) ON THIS POST!”

Or Tuesday. Consider this a minor setback, folks.



Something’s a brewin’

Come back on Monday to check it out!

Northern Oak – ‘Monuments’, Independent; 2010

With now a second full album under their belts, Northern Oak have taken a route that basks in England’s past once more, though not in the way that most would think. Continue reading