Hearing is believing.

Before I head off, I would like to leave you all with an interesting comparison. Some of you in the audience may love it, others may… well, just listen and judge for yourselves.

System of A Down – Aerials


Amon Amarth’s cover




  1. This is surprisingly poor! It doesn’t add anything to the original song, nor does it make much sense as an Amon Amarth number. More than anything it sounds like something you’d hear as you walked past the karaoke tent at Wacken.

    I’m surprised they’re pleased enough with themselves over this to want to include it on the album. Could it be a brazen play for the American beer-pong demographic?

    • Some tracklistings for the new album liste AC/DC covers instead, but it does appear that this song is US-only…

    • The last 50 seconds, where they kick it up a notch by introducing Amon Amarth style riffing, is a bit better, I guess.

      • Aha! Brazen play for US mainstream radio airplay it is, then.

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