Dead At The Scene – ‘Sharktopus’, Self-released; 2010

It seems necessary to point out that Dead At The Scene‘s previous self-description as a progressive metal act is deceptive.

Well, not entirely so – there’s a strong, progressive movement throughout the record ‘Sharktopus‘, and there do appear to be metal influences too; yet this comes more from the –core persuasion of the genre, as opposed to other extreme veins such as death or even thrash. While this doesn’t really come as a letdown for audiences, especially when you count the extra hardcore elements thrown in; it does mean is that whatever musically “progressive” approach is present is rooted in the relative space allowed for it by metalcore.

While significant passages of acoustic tranquility may not be particularly intriguing for those exposed to the likes of Opeth or even Barren Earth (to name a few progressive acts out there), it’s certainly not something one would expect to hear from the –core side of the road let anyone the harsher, more aggressive hardcore side.

Fans of the aforementioned subgenres are perhaps going to eat this record up, since it seems to provide a rather interesting (if not atypical) approach to this vein of music. Though for people who aren’t as keen on those styles, ‘Sharktopus‘ may not exactly convert them over but they will still have to agree on its place as a relatively promising EP.




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