Cauldron – ‘Burning Fortune’, Earache Records; 2011

Just two years since their debut album ‘Chained to the Nite‘ and already it seems that Canadian outfit Cauldron are making relative progress in their musical direction and vocal approach. Having stuck with their chosen genre of traditional heavy metal, which means less deviation from the late 70’s mould through speeding riffs or epic passages; the band make sure to stay close to this style whilst giving themselves at least some space to improvise. Continue reading


Moonsorrow – ‘Varjoina Kuljemme Kuolleiden Maassa’, Spinefarm Records; 2011

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Hearing is believing.

Before I head off, I would like to leave you all with an interesting comparison. Some of you in the audience may love it, others may… well, just listen and judge for yourselves.

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The Clan Destined – ‘In The Big Ending’ EP and DVD, Lime Records; 2006

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Hail Of Bullets – coming soon to the Underworld, Camden March 26th

That’s right – yours truly was fortunate enough to snag a short interview with Hail Of Bullets, in time before their upcoming show at the Underworld venue in London on March 26th.

Pulling up a chair, I sat down to talk briefly to guitarist Stephen Gebedi about what the UK scene, the state of death metal and his own “live and let live” approach to music.

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Amorphis, 2009

No cartoon about the ongoing theme this week, so have a blast from the past…


in the form of an old, and frankly embarrassing piece of concert commentary I did back in 2009 about Amorphis.

Specifically, the frontman’s mustache.

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Dead At The Scene – ‘Sharktopus’, Self-released; 2010

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