Lifelover – ‘Sjukdom’, Prophecy Productions; 2011

Most familiar with depressive rockers Lifelover know that they’re not a particularly easy band to get into: a musical paradox of truly unsettling, bleak hysteria and bouncy, melodic post punk-slash-pop rock; the key difference between them and other bands lodged into the DSBM (depressive suicidal black metal) scene is their ability to perfectly straddle the balance needed to pull off both sides of the aforementioned formula to create a delightfully manic sound all their own.

Yet with new effort ‘Sjukdom‘, it feels like they’re somehow lost some of that grip and are riding along in a much different way. Continue reading


Dornenreich – ‘Flammentriebe’, Prophecy Productions; 2011


With even the cover art being so different from their previous albums for its use of deep colours and contrasts between fire and water (a fitting metaphor for the record itself), Dornenreich seem to be pulling all the stops for this “final” album. Even if it’s a supposed farewell to the metal genre that they started with; rather than their band career. Continue reading

Blutmond – ‘Thirteen Urban Ways 4 Groovy Bohemian Days’, Code666/Aural Music; 2010

Reinventing your sound and musical outlook at a relatively early point in your career can lead to a make or break situation, yet for Swiss post-black metallers Blutmond this seems to mostly be the former. Continue reading