Dalriada – ‘ĺgéret’, AFM Records; 2011


Much as it does feel disconcerting to see that they’ve adopted a warrior- based image this time around like much of the status quo, it seems safe to say that this has little to no impact on how Dalriada have approached their sound on newest offering ‘ĺgéret‘. Unlike most other names in the folk metal circuit, the band seem to be amoung the relative few who know what folk music is and how to make it run with their metal; rather than shove it in as a novelty tune now and then.

Not only does ‘ĺgéret‘ see Dalriada raise their folk stakes considerably higher, but they throw a few surprises to the mix – one of which being the use of growls by frontwoman Laura Binder. Though they don’t feature on most of the tracks other than second number ‘Hajdútánc‘, what does get heard suggests that Binder could be a more versatile talent than previous audiences were well aware of.

Another interesting turn, as mentioned before; is that Dalriada have raised the bar for the folk side to their sound with local musicians Fajkusz Band and even Korpiklaani’s Jonne Järvelä providing more traditional elements than previously. Though as further away as sami yoiking seems to be from Hungarian melodies, they are careful to not distract enough to be completely jarring.

It could say a lot about Hungarian folk as it does about Dalriada‘s own metal capabilities, that ‘ĺgéret‘ thus comes across as a stronger, even catchier release than their other works. This may be due to the lack of what feels like musical filler, as with last outing ‘Arany – Album‘; or that they’ve gone for much tighter songwriting. Whatever the reason, this looks to be an interesting new chapter in the band’s journey together; and as a label debut from AFM Records it could be a step forward in spreading more awareness of non-Nordic folk metal.




  1. I would give them an 8, easy… 8 and not 9 simply because it has a pretty strong Korpiklaani taste. Although that could be a plus too.

    • I agree, I did not liked the use accordion, because it has nothing to do with Hungarian traditions and folk music. Those parts seemed to me more like Russian music. I think that they must go on with their former style. But nevertheless the album is great, and they have awesome talent. I hope that they will use it for making genuine Hungarian music (and not that that copies the Western style and sings in English) more recognized in the world.

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