Adios, 2010

Much as I’d love to give it a pat on the back and say “Pretty good year”, the story is that I view 2010 in a very different light.

This isn’t to say that it was entirely bad – oh, no.

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True, cult prime metalĀ®

Or: how do you like your sound production? Raw or with Pro Tools?

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Here’s one I drew earlier

character (c) Osamu Tezuka

art and redesign (c) K. Ann Sulaiman, 2010

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We’re back

here’s something to make it up to you all…



Don’t forget to catch the documentary – it’ll knock yer socks off!



Ann S.


Due to personal matters regarding an event in the family, the author of Me(n)tal-Meltdown is currently unable to make proper updates for today and Friday.

She would like to apologise for the inconvenience, but shall return once again on Monday. To make up for the lack of something today, she wishes to share this with you all:


See you on December 20th.

Sincerest wishes;

Ann Sulaiman

An interview with Keith Fay (Cruachan)

When you look at the history of a musical genre, even a subgenre as questionably reputable as European Folk Metal; it never astonishes to find that some of its forefathers are overlooked in favour of those currently in the spotlight.

Which brings me to tonight’s interview with Keith Fay, one of the founders and main voice behind Irish metallers Cruachan.

In between working his day job and recording a new album in the works, Keith took some time out of his schedule to talk to me about the past and future of Cruachan, what he personally thinks about the subgenre’s recent wave and folk music’s less shinier qualities.

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Teaser pleaser

Some music genre history for you lot, coming this Friday.


–Ann S.