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Sorry, everyone. No update today due to other business to do with family get-togethers. Will ideally return on Tuesday!

–Ann Sulaiman


And now: something completely different

A post about gender and metal.

Or rather, yet another post out there on the Internet about gender and metal. There are already so many issues to discuss in relation to the subject; that it wouldn’t be fair to generalise even most of them in one post alone. And to be honest, I doubt that many of you readers – women and men – want to go over what seems to have been rehashed before; countless of times. Continue reading

Canopy – ‘Menhir’, Dissension Records; 2010

From track one onwards it seems that ‘Menhir‘, the second full-length release from Swedish melodic death metallers Canopy; is just full of interesting yet seemingly well-balanced musical surprises. Continue reading

King of Asgard – ‘Fi’mbulvintr’, Metal Blade; 2010

From the name alone and with the added knowledge that they seem to fall under the now ubiquitous “viking metal” label; one would be forgiven for assuming that King of Asgard are a run-of-the-mill band, riding off the trail of popularity set off by Amon Amarth and their ilk. Thankfully, even though the organic production and harsh rasps with heavy metal brings to mind the earlier sound of the latter; that is where any comparisons between both sets of Swedes ends, along with any doubts about their quality and passion. Continue reading

Void of Silence – ‘The Grave of Civilization’, Code666/Aural Music; 2010

Marking six years since their previous effort, Italian atmospheric doom outfit Void Of Silence return to the metal scene with their fourth LP ‘The Grave of Civilization‘. Enlisting the vocals of new member Brooke Johnson this time around, what is recorded here comes across as an even balance between crushing doom and hypnotic ambience; coupled with moments of spacey distortion and synth. Continue reading

An Interview with Richard Thomson (Xerath)

It’s funny how small the metal community seems to be in the UK – minutes after I told people that I was checking out Xerath’s debut album, this lovely lady (and now really good friend) was amused since they were mates of hers. As a result, I was more intrigued to see them live and meet the frontman Richard; whom I had heard quite a bit about.

And bless him, he was eager to do the interview despite being so dog-gone tired. Continue reading

The Glitterati – ‘Are You One of Us?’, Global Music; 2010

Leeds-based outfit The Glitterati seem to have come some way since their debut album back in 2005, and it shows on ‘Are You One of Us?‘; the follow-up LP which comes five years later. Continue reading