Sign of the times – a conversation with Dolk (and Ask) of Kampfar!

Gosh, how long has it been since I last spoke to Dolk, frontman and mastermind of Kampfar?

It’s a pleasure to catch up with familiar faces, and what better way for me to pick his brain on Norwegian society and traditions again, than before their London gig with Hate and Iskald?


Drummer Ask Ty got to chip in with his two cents, to boot!



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Hour of 13 release new song for friend, Jason McCash


On Saturday, April 6th 2014, it was officially announced that Jason McCash, bassist for The Gates of Slumber, had unexpectedly passed away. Though the group had already disbanded in 2013, his death can be assumed to have marked the decided end of their career, owing to McCash’s close friendship with former frontman and vocalist Karl Simon.


Following on from the news, which has shaken various people within the doom metal community such as Hampshire trio Witchsorrow and esteemed writer and PR person Kim Kelly, the band Hour of 13 temporarily returned with a new song to mark Jason’s passing.


Though reverted to its roots as a one-man band, as founder Chad Davis performed all instruments and lyrics by himself, Hour of 13 released the song, ‘Upon Black Wings We Die’, in memory of their deceased friend and fellow musician.


However, in response to youtube questions regarding the possible resurrection of Hour of 13, Davis had confirmed that this is the final piece of music from his project.


Live from The Underworld – Ann talks to Aage, from Iskald!

When you’re from one of the smaller scenes in your homeland, it must be amazing to be able to travel abroad and play gigs in other countries.

It certainly looked to be the case, for Iskald’s drummer and co-founder Aage André Krekling.



Right before the band got up to play the first act for Kampfar and Hate at the Underworld on April 3rd, I was lucky enough to snag a few minutes to sit down for a brief talk about touring, the Bodø scene and more.

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“Be yourself; you can’t be anyone else” – Ann talks to Jon Davis, of Conan!

Following a split with Bongripper and a live album at Roadburn, three man band Conan got to work on a fresh new album, “Blood Eagle”. Though only their second LP (or third, counting ‘Horseback Battle Hammer’), the record sees a band determined not to rest on their laurels.


After a bustling afternoon at the Liverpool city centre, I got together with founder and frontman Jon Davis to discuss songwriting, being honest with yourself and the importance of a good sound system.

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Eternal Khan – ‘A Primitive History’ EP, Self-released; 2013



Just about a year after their demo, Rhode Island’s Eternal Khan make their EP debut with “A Primitive History”. Though released early in the band’s career, the record is not only a strong offering to the underground scene; it shows a sound which is confidently their own. Continue reading

A month in semi-review

In the News

We may be busy at Casa de Me(n)tal Meltdown, but we want you to know that we don’t neglect the (metal) news. Unless you’ve read it before, then we want you to know we don’t neglect yesterday’s news, too.

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Late, But Worth the Wait (or, Some Surprise albums of 2013)

Greetings, my metal brothers and sisters; I hope that you’re all well, and that your yule/Christmas/what have you was fun, and that you had a much better New Year’s Day than I did. Word of advice: always check the expiry date.

Nonetheless, it wouldn’t do to simply forego a “goodbye 2013″ post on Me(n)tal-Meltdown (even in February), before carrying on with the rest of the new year. While it is certainly tempting to write about musical highs (Carcass, definitely) and lows (the last Crystal Viper, this time), it’s far more rewarding to focus on but a few  – yes, a few – unexpected gems of the year that caught me by surprise.

Let’s do this alphabetically, shall we?
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